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Two Year Vacation

Oceanen presenterar: Two Year Vacation

Two Year Vacation

Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop with musical influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter Björn & John.
Two Year Vacation is all about driving out all stale senses of the mundane.
Two Year Vacation thrives from finding the bright colors in between the tones of grey. With inspiration from trivial daily routines and dreams they make music that travels in a fascinating blend of Italo disco, rock and Caribbean kraut through easygoing joyful rhythms wrapped in tropical vibes.
2021 embarks towards the release of the four-track EP "Getting Into Real Estate", arriving digitally in October, with the birth of the new single "What Goes Around" June 4th on Clouds Hill label



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