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Status Queer & Ballroom Exchange: NON

Status Queer, Ballroom Exchange & Oceanen presents: NON

Are you salivating for the taste of something queer, free & fabulous? Don’t be embarrassed darling, we know you’re positively drooling. Luckily we’ve got just what the gender clinic ordered: a prescription for 1 night of utter gender-bending debauchery. Gothenburg is home to some serious queer talent and we’re lucky enough to have a thriving ballroom scene right here in the city. Now we’re giving you the chance to see it with your very own eyes with our new night NON. 

The theme is GENDERFUCK

For inspiration think: Grace Jones, Leigh Bowery, Prince, Hugaceo Crujiente, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Annie Lennox. Or go just your own way and design the gender fuck of your dreams. 

21-22: DJ1
23-01: DJ2

First, we’ll be marinating you in a thick sauce of electric ecstasy with our fabulous DJs before getting the grill sizzling hot with a showcase of some of gbg ballroom’s best. Then it’ll be your turn. You heard us right: gender is a construct baby, let's tear it up & devour it. As always, we want you dressed in your most fabulous looks. The icing on the cake: we’ll be opening up the stage for you to strut your stuff and show us and everyone else what you're really made of. Category is: Fashion Killa. Best look gets a goodie bag - we know you want it.

NON is a collaboration between Ballroom Exchange and Status Queer showing off some of gbgay’s finest beings hosted by Kulturhuset Oceanen. 

NON is *not* a ball, but we will be giving you a taste of what ballroom has on offer. 

Ballroom is a living queer culture that was founded by black and latinx transwomen in New York in the 60s. A ball is a competition where primarily queer and trans people of colour compete in fashion, beauty and performance. 

Get up to speed with Ballroom’s rich history and language here: 




NON is for and by our community, not just for those of us who have the cash to come. If you belong to one of our 5 priority groups and can't afford a ticket you can get in contact with us at info@statusqueer.se for a free ticket. No questions asked, no explanations needed. You belong to one of our priority groups if you are LGBTQ+ and racialised, working class/economically precarious, living with a disability, elder or a binary or nonbinary trans person.


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