• Friday 19 January - 2024
  • 20 years old
  • 150 kr
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Klubb Mameluck

offers the music event of the year! Put on your mamelucks and come and go off! Mameluck is the club for those who like DIY music of the best quality. Punk! Indie! Dance floor! A damn fantastic atmosphere!

On stage:

19.15 The only direction

19.30 Golden Glitches

20.00 Broken cock locks

20.45 Drottning Zilvia

21.45 Stor som Lola

ca 22.30 DJ Rebbi Stardust och Jeremys


Golden Glitches

Experimenting with electronic elements, Golden Glitches create a soundscape that is equal parts futuristic and nostalgic. They fill their musical expression with melodic loops that sweep the listener away to a world of dreams and emotional nuances.

Broken cock locks

Punk pop by mature women from the perl of Bohuslän

Drottning Zilvia

Everyone's crush. Brilliant melodies and brilliant lyrics. Queen Zilvia!!! See you on the dance floor.

Stor som Lola

Stor som Lola plays cultural lady punk. Stor som Lola plays loudly and enthusiastically. Stor som Lola plays even if no one is listening.

DJ Rebbi Stardust och Jeremys

DJ Rebbi Stardust and Jeremys play (almost) only cool girls and loose music. Don't forget your fast sunglasses! Try to stand still to this, eh!




The Cultural Center Oceanen is a Q-marked culturally historical building, which is challenging when it comes to accessibility. We do our best to have as many people as possible visit us. When visiting us with mobility aids the best-suited entrance is through the stage. This entrance is accessed via Gathenhielmska trädgården. The entrance is locked, please email us the day before your visit or the latest Friday at 16:00 if you are visiting us during the weekend. We have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Please note that flashing lights may occur during concerts and events. For questions regarding accessibility email Mia Herman at mia@oceanen.com. 

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