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About Cultural Center Oceanen

The cultural Center Oceanen has since 1997 been a landlord for some sixty culture-producing tenants with a great cultural value for the city of Gothenburg. The house is owned by a non-profit association and managed by its board. Oceanen is an important hub in Gothenburg’s independent cultural scene. The name is related to the fact that the building was constructed in 1938 for oceanographic research as an institution affiliated with the University of Gothenburg. The property is located in a preservation area for culturally significant buildings and is a well-preserved example from the functionalism era.

The Venue

2022 marked the 25th anniversary of Kulturhuset Oceanen. Throughout the year, the stage hosts both national and international acts. While music holds a prominent place, the venue also features literature, poetry, performing arts, film, culinary culture, and stand-up. With a program of high artistic quality, Oceanen consistently reinforces its position as an alternative and independent stage in Sweden.

Through its concert activities, Oceanen has achieved success and gained recognition from audiences and media as one of Sweden’s most exciting venues. The goal is to transition from being a strong national stage to becoming one of the most interesting smaller stages in Europe. Annually, Oceanen produces over 120 events, with approximately 75% being in-house productions and 25% in collaboration with external organizers.

A significant aspect of the stage activities is the connection to the local talent. Our stage program aims to create space for artistic freedom and safe spaces for our visitors. We offer a variety of program points, including concerts, clubs, workshops, and literary programs – such as The Queer Gaze and Barnens Ocean.

The Cultural Center Oceanen’s operations are supported by the City of Gothenburg, the Swedish Arts Council amongst others.

Dance School

The dance has always had a given place on the Ocean and contributed greatly to both the founding of the cultural house and the special atmosphere of the house. On the floor above Ocean’s stage and restaurant, the dance school and artist cooperative houses the World Dance Company with a wide international selection of dance courses, artists and events. Day and night all around, the floors are worn with dances like flamenco, tango, bollywood, hip hop, odyssey, vogue, tribal bellydance and various oriental dances. Also check out the town’s widest selection of child dances.

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