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Petter Alatalo

About Petter Alatalo

Petter Alatalo is a musician with roots deeply anchored in the coastal region of Norrbotten and a strong influence of folk music. With the Swedish vagabond dream as his golden crown, Petter, now in middle age, has collected the shards and prisms of life into an album that reflects loss, sorrow, divorce, and, as he puts it, pure damn nonsense. Sometimes the boundaries are blurred. His musical universe moves seamlessly between art, Norrbotten, jazz, self-taught triple meter, Finnish tones, and poetry in Swedish. It is an expression of the consequences of reality.

Tha album "Dumskallarnas vind"

In the fall of 2022, Petter's latest album came together during a live recording at the Swedish Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. The album was produced by Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, a legend from Soundtrack of Our Lives, together with some of Norrbotten's most prominent musicians from Malmfältens Rock Club and Mattias Alkberg: Kalle Nyman (double bass), Nikolai Äystö (clarinet), and Markus Larsson (drums).

In the spring of 2024, "Dumskallarnas vind" was released. It is intense, aggressive, sorrowful, and velvety – a time document that captures a piece of our contemporary era.

Petter's perspective

"You're young, you're a dreamer. Tornedalen is in your blood, punk in your heart, and a rush in your head. You set off into the big world without an address, income, money, or future. The world is vast, and longing is your best friend. Then you grow up, move back home, become a father, and there are consequences."

Mattias Alkberg about "Dumskallarnas vind"

"It's the 50s or 60s, maybe the 40s, perhaps the 70s. There's an American metropolis on the Swedish mountainside, and it has jazz clubs with roaring cars hovering outside, their electric hum blending with the neighborhood's ragtime and happy hour. The band plays hard like punk and soft like surgeons. The singing whines and suffers like John Holm himself, like Billie Holiday herself.

You want to go home but you don't know where you live, and really, what does it matter? But an indoors and someone who sees you and hears the same noise as you, or at least can turn it off—is that too much to ask? Yes, maybe it is. Reality, what's with it anyway? Why is it so peculiar? What's the difference between, for example, imagination with its up instead of down, its left instead of right, and night in the middle of the day? Your own perspective is usually the same anyway: you stand outside feeling like a failure and shy, struggling to pay the rent. You can't afford roaring cars and nights out there either.

You lie there shaking just like in reality, high up under the roof, in the Attic of Fools. The Attic of Fools howls like bullets around your ears. You can only duck and close your eyes, but you see everything anyway."



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