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Jazzklubben SONJA: Antti Lähdesmäki + Daniel Anderssons

Oceanen & Jazzklubben SONJA: Antti Lähdesmäki + Daniel Anderssons

Antti Lähdesmäki + Daniel Anderssons

This summer, Jazzklubben SONJA is proud to return to Oceanen. We will invite you to a series of a little more fine-tuned concerts with the stage in the middle of the room and an opportunity to get even closer to your favorite musicians.

On the 2nd of July we have the great luxury of to present an intimate duo concert with two fantastic musicians, Antti Lähdesmäki and Daniel Andersson. They will both release original music this autumn and of course they will play together in their respective projects. This evening we will hear a mix of original music, free improv and maybe some song that the attentive listener recognizes.

This is how Antti herself writes about the Duo:

"When I had just moved to Gothenburg and walked around the corridors of the University of Stage and Music, Daniel Andersson was the first to ask me if I wanted to jam. The jam continues today, almost three years later, and it feels obvious that we play in each other's bands and on each other's records - which will be released during the year. SUPERHEAVY. and Antti Lähdesmäki Trio will tour together in Finland and Estonia in July and August, but first it's time to go back to the starting point and jam on each other's songs in duo constellation on the home track in Gothenburg. "

"There will be beautiful music and there will be silly music, there will be sad ballads and there will be happy, festive songs. There will be improvisations we can not even predict ourselves, and above all there will be a good atmosphere!"

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