The Queer Gaze

In 2023 Oceanen presented its first literary program series, The Queer Gaze. For a number of occasions we invite queer poets and writers to curate an event at the stage, connected to the theme. The concept “The Male Gaze” was coined by Laura Mulvey to describe the gaze that views women as objects for the heterosexual male’s pleasure. In response to this, “The Female Gaze” emerged as a way to subvert the object and position women as the viewers. In Oceanen’s literary program “The Queer Gaze,” we deepen the exploration by deconstructing all gender-based power dynamics by allowing our stage to be a space where queer writers and organizers have the opportunity to curate the content for an evening. As with many other art forms and expressions, stories and conversations are best told by those who have actually experiencing them.

During the spring of 2023, poets and authors such as Nino Mick, Judith Kiros, and Leif Holmstrand have taken over the stage at Oceanen. The premiere evening was curated by Nino Mick, who together with musician Alba Omega, invited the audience to a stage experiment where the audience’s own writings intersected with music in a cross-disciplinary collision. Judith Kiros presented the second event with the theme ‘Sapphic Fragments.’ For the third occasion, Leif Holmstrand invited the audience to a performance on the theme of ‘Transitions.’

This autumn, we’ve invited Khaled Alesmael to curate the premiere, an award-winning Syrian-Swedish author and journalist. On September 21st, he’s here presenting a film screening and a conversation about his work alongside journalist Sofia Sidén. On October 19th, authors Ida Linde and Kristofer Folkhammar explore the essence of humanity by answering questions from the audience. November 24th marks the thirtieth anniversary of “Stone Butch Blues,” celebrated by translator Ylva Emel Karlsson with readings and a discussion on queer translation.

Hanna Rajs wraps up the autumn program on December 15th, delving into queer friendship. The spring program begins on February 14th with Sweden’s reading ambassador Nioosha Shams, continuing to challenge the boundaries between love and friendship.

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, ABF, and Ideell Kulturallians, The Queer Gaze collaborated with SAQMI and QRAB for the spring program. This fall includes a partnership with Kvinnofolkhögskolan in Gothenburg, where students from the writing course “Your Silence Will Not Protect You” will read their work on Oceanen’s stage.

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