• Friday 29 September - 2023
  • 20 years old
  • 180

Memoria + Kabbel

Doors: 20.00
First band:
Memoria on stage:

När Memorias debutalbum ”Cravings” släpptes 2019 blev det snabbt omskrivet i musikpress, både på hemmaplanoch internationellt. Uppföljaren, ”From The Bones”, som släpptes i mars 2023, är liksom debuten ett mörkt album där texterna rör sig kring tankar om krig, jämställdhet, Me Too, ångest, ensamhet och känslan att vara annorlunda, att inte passa in. Musikaliskt befinner vi oss någonstans mellan synth och dark wave; det är dynamiskt och pulserande, storslaget och minimalistiskt, monotont och varierat. Motpolerna driver albumet framåt. Bakom Memoria finns Tess De La Cour och precis som på ”Cravings” har hon skapat nya albumet tillsammans med Rikard Lindh (Yvonne, HDLC). Live har hon med sig: Fredrik Berglund, Daniel Östborg & Johan Skugge.


One could be concerned about Gregory Hoepffner’s sleep patterns. The French multi-instrumentalist has been expressing himself through countless musical identities for 20 years. Currently, these are embodied through Almeeva, Jean Jean, SURE., or Juni (ex-Kid North). However, 2021 sees his most personal project yet to emerge. Make way for his new alter ego, answering to the name Kabbel. Gregory sees Kabbel as the fruit of new beginnings. A physical one, after moving to Sweden, far from the Parisian tumult, accompanied by a certain loss of bearings. And a mental re-start as well, des-troying his ambitions and dreams of greatness, and regaining the simple pleasure of singing. Something he had forbidden himself to do, in order to submit to the rules of musical niches. Hence the title of this first EP, End Of Norms. But Kabbel is also a way for him to reconnect with the extreme DIY scene that got him started.«I never had a ‘role model’ in this scene to turn to in order to accept my sexuality. I spent most of my life wanting to be someone else because I thought I was an anomaly, not fitting into any box.I started living a real life quite late, and making music was the only thing I had when I was alone. It was the only thing that allowed me to have friends, a social life, a job... So it’s important for me to be an artist that says ‘it’s OK to be queer/gay/lesbian and to make and/or enjoy dark and weird music. You belong here and fuck those who think otherwise.’»These four tracks define a sound that appeared during a stormy night on a Swedish island. It took Gregory a year of reflection to bring it to life. Meeting and ultimately sharing a studio with producer-extraordinaire Christoffer Berg (Fever Ray, The Knife, Depeche Mode...) also helped the process. Today, Kabbel defines its musical identity as Queer Sadcore. The darkness of extreme music, in its industrial but also aerial expression, crosses paths with the plea-sure of modern pop, against a cinematic and theatrical background. Composed and produced without the slightest compromise or external opinion, this first EP is ready to be unveiled. 



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