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Maja Gödicke + Majvi

Maja Gödicke

There are artists who are so constantly in motion that just when you think you've got a handle on what they're doing, they're off to the next track, the next world to explore. Maja Gödicke belongs to that rare group of chameleons who seemingly move feather-lightly between different modes of expression and forms, always on the way to something more.

Gödicke's second album - her first solo album in 8 years - demonstrates this versatility. The songs range from fragile snapshots captured in a single take and then left untouched, to more elaborate studio productions. It is sometimes raw, sometimes refined. Both gritty lo-fi and luxurious pop landscapes. Post-punk drum machines and synths are present and allowed to exist next to naive piano couplets. At the center, as throughout her career, are the existential lyrics. In the words of a floored critic about Gödicke's previous work: "lyrics that should be tattooed".

Maja Gödicke debuted in 2013 with the single "Ligga Still" on the label Luxxury after a few years of self-publishing on alternative distribution channels and in smaller venues and underground clubs. The full length "Omniana - (selected recordings 2005-2015)" followed in 2015 via Kning Disk and a few years later the album "Death to all things pop" under the pseudonym Kassia Klein (a collaboration with Kåre Vernby, Farväl till Ungdomen).

Gödicke's previous collaborations include Lo-Fi-Fnk, Aron McFaul, Anton Kristiansson and Avantgardet. She has appeared on "På spåret" and been a guest at live performances by Jonas Lundqvist, Markus Krunegård and the Augustifamiljen. She was also a singer and songwriter in the fine-tuned jazz band Obsi.


Majvi is the name Sofia Kristensen calls herself when she takes to the stage with her own music. Her unique voice invites you into a musical universe filled with beautiful melodies and an expression that is both powerful and vulnerable. She has already gilded many musical contexts with piano, vocals, guitar and accordion, toured as a musician with Linnea Henriksson, among others, and is currently supporting Loney Dear. Majvi started writing her own songs early on and is now working on her first album. Her music is rooted in the singer-songwriter tradition and art pop and has until recently been hidden from the outside world. Now it is finally time for Majvi to share the music that has meant the most to her.


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