• Saturday 18 November - 2023
  • 20 years old
  • Fri entré

Loud Grrrl: Djur Som Har Rymt + Daesta + Slynkören + Hox + Like Mud + Attic Babes

Loud Grrrl is back at Oceanen and invites you to a concert and club! New for this year is that we have two DJs from the Loud Grrrl network who will wrap up the evening with us on the dance floor.

Loud Grrrl

Loud Grrrl is a platform and network for those who identify as women, trans or non-binary. Loud Grrrl aims to increase equality in cultural life and make underrepresented groups visible. We offer rehearsal space and studio activities in central Gothenburg, education, contact networks, and gigs.

Djur Som Har Rymt

Djur som har rymt, (formerly Gigantic) takes its name from the title song of the E.P the band released in 2020 which also gave name to a book manuscript and various art projects. The song is about a stranger who goes to the city to look for animals that have escaped. It is dangerous to be a stranger and a fear and longing is born there to transform beyond the structures we live in. The movement between euphoria and sadness is characteristic of the music which is often described as melancholic, raw and melodic.


Daesta ("Sister Esther" in Swahili) is a multi-artist who has had a love of music since childhood. So always expect the unexpected, as she is not afraid to mix music and genres from all corners of the world. However, the goal is always to fill the room with magic.


It all started with a Slynjunta. 13 years later, there have been some good times at Trucken and Lasse's old casino. There has been jazz at Liseberg and punk in Sjöbergen. There has even been a moment on Scandinavium's stage. But by far the most (and best?) noise has been made in the rehearsal room at Musikens hus - to the sound of a kazoo.


Hox [NO] is a multi-artist with musicality at her fingertips from Fredrikstad, Norway. With a passion for music that started in her teens, Hox already has Nordiska Visskolan, Vem kan bli producent and Studio Stigberget under her belt which has given her the opportunity to create live performances with inspiration from every corner of the world.

From dark music vibes to influenced hip-hop and electrified house beats, a varied evening of dance will be ahead of you.

Like Mud

Like Mud moves freely within a melodic alternative rock/pop and consists of Tove on drums, Magnus on guitar, Alex on guitar and vocals and Tove on bass and vocals.

Attic Babes

Attic babes is a cover band from Gothenburg that plays pop, rock and soul. With a large broad repertoire, they have since 2011 played at company parties, afterworks and not least at Göteborgsvarvet.

Janne Longnell: Guitar, vocals

Karin Fridefors: Guitar, vocals

Anna-Karin Longnell: Bass

Robert Wictoren: Keyboard

Göran Gränsbo: Saxophone, vocals

Tommy Garnold Drums

Carina Mare: Vocals

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