• Saturday 14 May
  • 20 years old
  • Free entrance
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Klubb Rörelsen

Oceanen presents: Klubb Rörelsen

Klubb Rörelsen is finally back and we have really missed creating magic on the dancefloor with you! 

Our DJ:s will serve room-vibrating music between heaven and earth. High energy, pulsating, dance-friendly, and bass on loud. 

20:00 DJ TBA
22:00 Ona DJ
23:30 DJ Livsfarligt


Ona DJ

With roots in the electronic dance music scene and a belief that music has a radical power and uniting force, she creates dynamic fusions of uplifting beats and dark rhythms that crawl under your skin. With a mixture of melodic electronica, afrobeat, and retro-pop the ambition is to build a warm and exciting dancefloor.


DJ Livsfarligt

DJ Livsfarligt plays music that makes you feel vibrations in the root of your heart. The songs vary depending on the occasion. On this particular night, the selection will take you on a journey over the continents, from ​​The Golan Heights to Reykjavik to Hawaii to Uganda to South Korea.


Om Klubb Rörelsen

We were missing a space that pumped club music, with carefree bodies, a magical framing that could make us all lose track of time - and put the outside world on hold. A place where you can lose control and devote yourself to rhythms and impulses. That place did not exist. So we decided to give birth to Rörelsen in the spring of 2018. Since then our dance floors have been filled with an uncontrolled euphoria, in settings that are built after lust and emotion for each occasion.

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