• Friday 10 May - 2024
  • 20 years old
  • 120 kr
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Klubb Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva wants to be an open stage for what is created in the moment, providing creators with a space free from demands or rules. The evening of May 10th will include music, painting, poetry, and film.


Oliver Teboul

The moon has just emerged, causing the dogs to stand on their hind legs. In the refrigerator of a one-legged matador, mushrooms are growing in a mushroom sauce. Outside an empty venue, three men sit with a beer in hand each. One of the guys has a stone in his shoe, but he doesn't want to untie it. Because it would mean destroying the bow his ex tied. The second one is about to fall asleep. The third one plays with a lighter and is named Oliver Teboul.


Film screening:

The following five films will be shown at the beginning of the evening:

- Loan for Lady Godiva

- Patient Surrounding - Passing Red

- The Family Men - Baby

- BF/C Crying_1

- Gubben och hunden


Live music:

Local Arms + Jacob Mussie

With hard-pounding rhythms and noisy guitar melodies, Local Arms (Einar Hasselgren) and Jacob Mussie create a restlessly longing nightmare landscape.


Patient Surrounding 

An electronic live set featuring angry drums, heavy bass, and unstable synth sounds.



FUNX transforms electro, rock, and techno into a pulsating journey through bright and dark soundscapes. They draw inspiration from the electronic maze of YouTube, turning hidden electronic gems into unique sound collages. Their process is a constant reconstruction of compositions, where each bass line is part of a larger story.

FUNX believes in exploring the unknown and playing without limitations, regardless of age. For them, everyone is a child at heart.


Olydi & sus

You're invited to experience highs and lows through dub and electro from various corners of the world. It can range from tango to techno, hazy plonks to synth-infused grooves when Olydi & Sus play b2b.

DJ Yoghurt & Grusfri

A DJ and producer from Gothenburg specializing in drum and bass, jungle, Italo house, and electro. They have been involved in organizing several parties for the club Nice Nightclub in Gothenburg.



Ninni Nylen

Ninni Nylén (born in 2001) works interdisciplinary with a focus on research and collaboration. Her works take shape in various mediums including video, painting, glass, textile, and theater, with recurring themes centered around food and cultural heritage. In June, she will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from HDK-Valand.

Ruth Waters

Ruth is currently in her second year of the Bachelor's program in Fine Arts at HDK-Valand. In her practice, she explores the relationship between different workspaces, individuals, and parts of larger systems through the painting process.



The Cultural Center Oceanen is a Q-marked culturally historical building, which is challenging when it comes to accessibility. We do our best to have as many people as possible visit us. When visiting us with mobility aids the best-suited entrance is through the stage. This entrance is accessed via Gathenhielmska trädgården. The entrance is locked, please email us the day before your visit or the latest Friday at 16:00 if you are visiting us during the weekend. We have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Please note that flashing lights may occur during concerts and events. For questions regarding accessibility email Mia Herman at mia@oceanen.com.


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