• Wednesday 11 October - 2023
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Helen Money [USA]

Helen Money stands as one of the most unique and versatile cellists today. Composer Alison Chesley uses the instrument to access and channel the extremes of human emotion, using extensive sonic manipulation and a range of plucking and bending techniques to evoke an astonishing breadth and depth of sound. A prolific collaborator, Chesley is equally at home in both New Music and Metal circles. Previous albums saw her collaborate with Jason Roeder (Sleep/Neurosis) and Rachel Grimes (Rachel's), and she has toured extensively with Shellac, Russian Circles, Earth, Bob Mold and MONO. On her new album Atomic, Chesley pushes even further to the extremes of her production with a bold step forward in her songwriting through minimalist arrangements that stand as her most intimate, direct and emotional work to date.

“An entrancing, captivating piece of work that you’d be a fool to pass up on.” - Ghost Cult

“Over-ear headphones recommended—but no matter how you hear it, Trace will weave its way into your brain circuitry.” - Chicago Reader

“Mood music for the sci fi action movie in your head.” - Dusted Magazine

“Trace thrives in a state of motion and excitement, flaring like a spy movie from action to contemplation to moody resolution.” - Dusted Magazine

“Trace seems to tap into some different emotional frequencies than other Helen Money albums, balancing subtler and more atmospheric movements with more direct expressions, but it's just as captivating and easy to recommend as her other releases.” - AllMusic

“[Helen Money & Will Thomas] reach new depths of darkness, with a series of emotionally stirring compositions that never outstay their welcome.” - Sun-13



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