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Hällregn + Svärta


Sara Hedberg started Hällregn in the summer of 2016 when she wanted to do something that was not as smashy punk rocky as her second band: Sju Svåra År and Burning Kitchen.

It would be a bit more Dead Moon-sprained and rather garage / pop than pure punk. Another reason was that she wanted to play more and it was not enough with the other bands. Sara booked a studio for Hällregn before they even had the first rehearsal. "I wanted to kick our asses right away," she explains. "We recorded four songs the second weekend in November, I said, raging a bit with the whip. And we did!"

Daniel had not played bass for over 15 years, and Jens had a slipped disc. But they completed the songs thanks to a very patient response by Mattias Kennhed (guitarist from cult band House of Usher) in Communichoas Media Clay Station. Sara finds that it is difficult to describe how Hällregn sounds, but she is inspired by artists like Monica Törnell, Mattias Alkberg, Bell Witch, Arja Saijonmaa, Roky Erickson, Henrik Palm and Stevie Nicks. Another source of inspiration is authors as Bodil Malmsten, John Ajvide Lindqvist, Kerstin Thorvall, Tone Schunnesson and Vilhelm Moberg.

"I've always made music and written songs," she continues. "I gather words and eat texts. My jacket pockets and backpack are always full of pieces and notebooks. In my phone I have 288 notes with draft texts, sketches on arrangements and ideas I want to implement. Making songs is a craft and you have to write many, many bad songs before you can make great songs. And to write good texts, you need to read (eat) other well-written texts. I've learned how to assemble a song over the years. And I have things I want to tell you. Hope you want to listen. "


Svärta is a rock n’ roll trio from Sweden’s largest port Gothenburg. The three members Lotta, Ebba and Josefin have been playing in various bands in the alternative music scene in Sweden before they got together and formed Svärta in 2013. Svärta’s music can best be described as a dark and dreamy form of rock n roll with poetic lyrics. Although the band only consists of three members, the live experience is massive and loud. The way Svärta work with harmonies in their songs adds an extra dimension to their sound. Their lyrics talk about life, oppression, grandmothers, strong bonds to our teenage crew and more.

The band has done a lot of shows including festivals in both Sweden and Germany, but they are mostly seen in different underground clubs. In 2016 they released their full length album “Remember” on the independent label “Crush and create”



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