• Saturday 10 September - 2022
  • 18 years old
  • 150

Gothenburg Fringe Festival: The Trombone Guy’s Story (Teater KEF)

Gothenburg Fringe Festival  & Oceanen presents: The Trombone Guy's Story (Teater KEF)

A virtuoso trombone player and a winner of multiple theater awards across the Atlantic tells a hilarious and touching account of one year in his life, framed by magical and exciting music, created with the help of live loop machines.

Gothenburg Fringe gives space to artists from different backgrounds to make their voices heard and create a festival experience like no other. Join us at unique and unexpected venues across the city for uncensored, cutting-edge performance art which stimulates, educates and entertains. With over 100 performances of all shapes and sizes, there's a show out there for you - this is art for everyone!

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