• Friday 09 September
  • 12 years old
  • 150 sek

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Gothenburg Fringe Festival: the emotional universe of a melodramatic woman

Gothenburg Fringe Festival  & Oceanen presenterar: The emotional universe of a melodramatic woman (Isa Bonachera)

A stand-up comedy show about identity, cultural campiness and embracing the drama of life.

For many of us, the pandemic has been the darkest, most gruelling period of our lives, and coming back home felt like a huge relief. In this introspective show I talk about the joy of coming back to our roots, and finding strength in the outrageous stories of the campiest women of Spanish folklore who are always overlooked by history.

This show also includes cabaret elements (music, costume changes, etc).

Gothenburg Fringe gives space to artists from different backgrounds to make their voices heard and create a festival experience like no other. Join us at unique and unexpected venues across the city for uncensored, cutting-edge performance art which stimulates, educates and entertains. With over 100 performances of all shapes and sizes, there's a show out there for you - this is art for everyone!

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