• Saturday 25 November - 2023
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Oceanen x Falabella: Attila Csihar + Irma Krook

Oceanen & Falabella present: theme "Power"


We are proud to welcome Hungarian black metal vocalist and artist Attila Csihar to the Ocean's stage. Csihar has one of the most distinctive and unique voices in the history of heavy music and has played with cult bands such as Tormentor, Mayhem and Sunn O))). This fall Attila Csihar is touring with his solo project Void of Voices.


Previously best known as the bassist and founding member of death-pop pioneers Makthaverskan, Irma Krook has emerged as an artist in her own right. Limitations are the mother of invention and recording from a home studio in Masthugget limits the possibilities even more. With vocals recorded on her phone & instruments on an iPad's GarageBand - Krook has managed to create greatness through small means. Her music is uniquely her own, while still honoring her inspirations. Kate Bush á Hounds Of Love era, Anna Domino, 90s Talk Talk, This Mortal Coil and Julee Cruise. Music that makes you have to take out your furniture before listening, so that it even fits in the room when it appears.


Viggo Mattsson is an artist and tattooer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Through thick lines and repetition, he ties together his visual expression that can easily be translated from paper to skin.


Poet Aya Kanbar (b. 2004) lives in Örebro and made her debut in 2021 with the critically acclaimed poetry collection Hyperverklighet. Her latest book, Aftongata, was released this fall and is a work that depicts the pain and beauty of adolescence during the hours of the night.


Ida Skibsted Cramer & Charlott Malmenholt explore language encounters between Danish and Swedish and different literary forms. Based on a desire to break away from the lonely voice, a common sound and language world is built.


ISI is an interdisciplinary artist from Vienna. As a DJ, ISI seeks transcendental and unusual sounds, drawn from a transcendent palette ranging from ecstatic ambient to hypnotic trance.

Genom att utforska makt som kulturellt och socialt fenomen, särskilt hur det utspelar sig på ett kollektivt plan inom samhället i stort, samt inom konstuttryck, förankrar vi aftonen i en av människans mest omdebatterade företeelser. Detta utforskande av makt kommer att lyftas fram genom en rad olika konstformer. Mer information kommer.



The Cultural Center Oceanen is a Q-marked culturally historical building, which is challenging when it comes to accessibility. We do our best to have as many people as possible visit us. When visiting us with mobility aids the best-suited entrance is through the scene. This entrance is accessed via Gathenhielmska trädgården. The entrance is locked, please email us the day before your visit or the latest Friday at 16:00 if you are visiting us during the weekend. We have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Please note that flashing lights may occur during concerts and events. For questions regarding accessibility email Mia Herman at mia@oceanen.com.

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