• Wednesday 12 April - 2023
  • 20 years old

Clandestino: Memorial for Peter Ekwiri

To honor the memory of Peter Ekwiri whose fateful story has deeply affected us, we gather for a memorial where everyone is welcome to share their experiences, memories and thoughts about the continued fight against the injustices that he – along with so many other people – became a victim of.
It was a meeting with Peter Ekwiri in Ghana’s capital Accra in 2003 that led to the founding of the Clandestino Festival twenty years ago.
Through the festival, we wanted to draw attention to how he fell victim to Swedish refu- gee dumping that violates human rights. Ekwiri, who at the end of the 90s fled war in the border areas between Uganda and Sudan, was classified with “unknown identity”, until he had to undergo a bizarre language analysis, which led to his deportation to Ghana – a country he had never previously set foot in, and where he soon came to be silenced in a cruel prison existence lasting several years.
Over the years, Clandestino Institut has drawn attention to Peter Ekwiri’s case in various ways – public talks, The Peter Ekwiri Case Museum, the essay film Thaumazein – and most recently last year, we celebrated the festival’s twentieth anniver- sary in his company.
Peter Ekwiri described his own struggle at one point by analogy with some- thing he read about Japanese architecture, both flexible and impossible to break down.


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