• Saturday 26 February - 2022
  • 20 years old
  • 190

Y-OTIS / curated by Clandestino

Oceanen & Clandestino Festival presents: Y-OTIS

Otis Sandsjö - initiator and mastermind behind the band Y-OTIS - settled in Berlin via Sweden and brings his own special genre-bending, forward-looking liquid jazz sounds. After his esteemed self-titled debut album in 2018, he's now back with Y-OTIS 2, released by the respected We Jazz Records in Helsinki and produced by Koma Saxo's multi-talent Petter Eldh. Otis's sound is described as an 'audio mosaic' fusing together a selection of micro moods, inspired as much by hip-hop and electronica as by jazz. The hypnotising saxophone riffs and fragmented jazz style manage to bring strong melodies and funk beats whilst remaining fluid. 

Line up:

Otis Sandsjö – saxophone
Petter Eldh – bass & synth
Dan Nicholls – keyboard & synth
Tilo Weber – drums

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