• Sunday 11 September - 2022
  • 2 years old
  • 100

Barnens Ocean & Gothenburg Fringe Festival: Hi There!

Barnens Ocean & Gothenburg Fringe Festival presents: Hej Förresten!

The performance will take place on the second floor of the World Dance Company. The entrance is located at the back of the building.

Time: 11–11:30 Doors open 15 minutes before the performance
Age guidance: from 2 -12 years + adults

Hej Förresten! / Hi There! by DHMJ - Det Här är Mitt Jobb
Hej Förresten! is a movement-based theatre production about friendship, identity and isolation, where children’s play makes up both the meeting ground as well as the tool of communication. It’s a celebration of children’s great imagination and capacity to create anything out of nothing. Created in a time where we can no longer take anything for granted. The production contains little verbal communication and is accessible to any child/family as well as an international audience.

About Gothenburg Fringe Festival:
Gothenburg Fringe gives space to artists from different backgrounds to make their voices heard and create a festival experience like no other. Join us at unique and unexpected venues across the city for uncensored, cutting-edge performance art which stimulates, educates and entertains. With over 100 performances of all shapes and sizes, there's a show out there for you - this is art for everyone!

About Barnens Ocean:
Barnens Ocean is a new initiative and programme aimed at children and their grown-ups. Through different collaborations with a wide range of programmes of different genres, Barnens Ocean is a place where children from all over the city can meet, experience and explore art and culture together with other children and grown-ups.

Warmest welcome!


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