• Wednesday 16 September
  • 20 years old
  • 120 sek

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Klubb Obsidian (New Date)

Oceanen presents: Klubb Obsidian

Klubb Obsidian


Klubb Obsidian turns slows down the pace. Inspired by Erik Satie's furniture music and the chill-out rooms of the 90s, they present a series of concerts featuring improvised ambient music, thus creating an opportunity to move into a different dimension of time  A slower world. A microcosm of sound.


Erik Dahl, laptop / bells / organ, builds collages of samples of everything from tattered pianos to cafes in Paris and Manchester.

Donovan von Martens, double bass / live electronics, soundscapes in between the acoustic and the electronic.

Ida Sondell, visual design in the shape of video projections

+ GUEST, tba

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