• Saturday 12 March - 2022
  • 20 years old
  • 195

Vit Päls + Laser & bas (Solo)

Oceanen presents: Vit Päls + Laser & bas (Solo)

Carl Lundgren performs handpicked songs from the Vit Päls + Laser & bas catalog. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar - merging the history of the songs with gossip and great conversation. 

At the beginning of the 2010s Vit Päls was a part of the Swedish indie scene playing at festivals and clubs all over Sweden. The band ended in 2013, but the interest in the music lived on, with their songs being as streamed today, as they were back then. Vit Päls reached cult status thanks to their unique expression and narrating lyrics.

These days, Carl Lundgren, the lyricist for all the songs in Vit Päls is a part of the duo Laser & bas together with the producer and songwriter Ola Johansson. Probably most known for the Tik-Tok hit “Klockan är 15:40, dags att fucka ur”.

This solo show is not only a unique opportunity to re-hear Vit Päls-songs live. The show also frames the music in a new, intimate, and entertaining way.


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