• Saturday 05 March - 2022
  • 20 years old
  • 120

Shelta Records: Rikard ”Skizz” Bizzi

Oceanen & Shelta Records presents: Rikard ”Skizz” Bizzi + Woland & Hibiscus + DJ Mixmaster Mange 

R.G Bizzi & Det kollektiva omedvetna (formerly known as Rikard "Skizz" Bizzi) is back with the second half of “I huvudet på Rick Skizzovic.” Vol 2. is perfectly balanced with introducing us to a darker side of the artist, while also revisiting the playful lyricism that has become R.G. Bizzi´s trademark. The production signed Crisp Redfield continues in the same spirit as in the series Ur-funktion, with loops that have been worked into perfection using a Boss SP-303. The pandemic may have slowed things down but as you will experience at the show, the force of R.B. Bizzi & Det kollektiva can never be stopped.


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