• Saturday 07 May - 2022
  • 20 years old
  • 250

Klabbes Bank

Oceanen presents: Klabbes Bank

Klabbes Bank is a Swedish jazz, electronica sextet formed in 2003 by Klabbe Hörngren. Over the years, Klabbes Bank has toured extensively throughout Scandinavia with appearances in UK, Germany, US and Mexico – where ‘Protect the Forest’ was released. Thorugh the years their albums made it to numerous Best Release of the Year lists as well as winning Jazz of the Year at the Manifest Gala in 2020.


Thomas Backman – Alto sax, flute
Pontus Hedström – Alto sax, percussion
Kristoffer Alehed – Trombone
Klas-Henrik ‘Klabbe’ Hörngren – Synthezisers
Jacob Öhrvall – Bass, synth
Martin Öhman – Drums, electronics


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