• Friday 16 October - 2020
  • 20 years old
  • 100


Oceanen presents: Kakafoni

Only 50 tickets per concert, seated audience. Due to the current Corona situation we can only welcome a maximum of 50 people to each concert. The audience will be seated by small tables with a small amount of chairs around each table. If you have any symptoms whatsoever that can be related to the Covid-19 pandemic, please stay home until you are free from symptoms. 


Pianist and composer Pelle Eriksson is the engine of the Kakafoni project. In the early noughties, he got the idea to combine melodic jazz, pop structures, improvisation, samples and loops. The band found their current form a few years ago and the first album, Kakafoni, was released in January 2013.

This fall season, the group releases the album Vartimmen. Synths, organs and sounds that only the almighty jazz god could explain twist ingeniously around Johan Jansson's (drums), Tobias Grims' (guitar) and Martin Olsson's (bass) patented super groove. Kakafoni has been a playful combo from their first album, but this time they have completely crossed the boundaries: The recordings could be from an unplanned and completely chaotic hangover jam session that Bo Kaspers never managed to create. In reality, the origins of the sound lie in kakafoni's sessions at Zen Studios with Kristofer Göransson, having a lot of fun with all the equipment in the studio.

Kakafoni consists of Jonathan Gustavsson - trumpet, Pelle Nilsson - saxophones, Tobias Grim - guitar, Johan Jansson - drums, Martin Olsson - bass and Pelle Eriksson - piano, computer.


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