• Wednesday 13 April
  • 20 years old
  • 120 sek
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Jazzklubben SONJA: KosmoKid

Oceanen & Jazzklubben Sonja presents: KosmoKid

Jazzklubben SONJA is back with a program filled with newcomers and established stars from the Swedish jazz heaven. 

LIVE: KosmoKid

KosomoKid explores and expresses the joy they find in music! The band mixes jazz, singer-songwriter, minimalism and progressive rock in their music. The result is both eccentric, charming and unpredictable.

”The quartet are rich with ideas, as one might expect from a new band producing their first album together. But it’s the maturity of the writing that is perhaps a little surprising. There are times when the listener could be forgiven for thinking they’re listening to a tempting combination of a Bill Frisell album, and a Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet recording.” - UK VIBE



Simon Balvig - Alt saxophone
Lage Nordling - Guitar
Jon Henriksson - Bass
David Huber - Drums

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