• Saturday 10 September - 2022
  • 18 years old
  • 120

Gothenburg Fringe Festival: EuroVisionary

Gothenburg Fringe Festival & Oceanen presents: EuroVisionary (Kimi Tayler)

A choose your own adventure Europop extravaganza on a shoestring by a comedian with little discernible musical talent but a lot of love for the worlds greatest song contest. Think the drive of Sweden, heart of Moldova, budget of North Macedonia, dreams of Iceland & mediocrity of the UK. The audience makes the decisions; banger or ballad? World peace or a thinly veiled political swipe? Expect costume changes, key changes & a shirtless man with a big drum. This show is anything but nil poi.

Gothenburg Fringe gives space to artists from different backgrounds to make their voices heard and create a festival experience like no other. Join us at unique and unexpected venues across the city for uncensored, cutting-edge performance art which stimulates, educates and entertains. With over 100 performances of all shapes and sizes, there's a show out there for you - this is art for everyone!

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