• Friday 18 June - 2021
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Good Luck Club: Eavesdrop + EIR

Oceanen och Good Luck Club: Eavesdrop + EIR

Good Luck Club: Eavesdrop + EIR


Good Luck Club is a club that wants to create a platform where new acts can grow bigger, before the world eventually and hopefully reopens. Come and experience some of the most interesting up and coming names. We think you will see them a lot more on the other side of restrictions and limitations!


You find a new brilliant grain of gold very time you listen through the electronica duo Eavesdrop's debut album "Directions”. Alexander Thellner and Klara Goliger first captures you in the mix of seductive synth basses in style of Justice and the eternally flourishing synth pop euphoria of Susanne Sundfør, but what makes one stay more than voluntary is all the extravagance in between. The emotionally charged soul melancholy in "I Can't Be With You Right Now", the frenetic percussion work in "Magic", or the irresistible LCD Soundsystem passage in "William" are just a few of a handful of highlights.

But it doesn’t end there. We have the great pleasure of hosting Eavesdrop's first gig in about 18 months, in time for the fresh singles "In the Sea" and "Under the Moon". The influences from the album remain, somewhat refined. So if you need an urgent dose of joy and throbbing bass in your body, Eavesdrop has exactly the right recipe for you.


Despite the fact that EIR has her feet in Malmö and her heart from Umeå, she feels more rooted in another galaxy. Already on her few months old debut EP, she can channel an alien-like escapism that took The Knife and Grimes years to perfect. It's like being thrown into a glittering space delirium when "Swallow" starts, thrown into a Formula 1 limousine on a highway on Saturn's rings and then slowly being pulled down into the atmosphere again when the constantly driving banger "Soil, Soil, Soil" attracts with a universal hit quality. You could say that EIR's take on synthpop is beyond this world, in short.

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