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Clandestino Festival 2021: Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra Ft Amanda Werne Och Avin Omar / Namna

Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra Ft Amanda Werne Och Avin Omar

Trumpeter, bandleader and composer Goran Kajfeš has gathered some of Sweden’s foremost improvisational musicians in the project Subtropic Arkestra. In recent years, the eclectic jazz collective has both won a Swedish Grammis award and been hailed internationally by audiences as well as the press, for example in Uncut, Mojo, Wire, The Guardian and Jazz Journal for their The Reason Whytrilogy. On the three albums, the group draws influences from Turkish psych funk, Nigerian afrobeat and cosmic jazz à la Sun Ra, before diving into Archimedes’ bathtub and finding Swedish experimental rock from the 70s. At Clandestino Festival, Subtropic Arkestra continues to explore new horizons along with fine guests on stage:

Gothenburg-based vocalist Avin Omar, re-­nowned for her magical alto voice, has been heard interpreting Kurdish folk, Arabic ­classical and traditional music, as well as Turkish and Greek folk music. She is an active member of the groups Samara Ensemble, Bosphorus Ensemble, Tro Deng and Kompani Pergamos.

Also contributing is Amanda Werne, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Gothenburg. Under the name Slowgold she has won a Swedish Grammis award, duetted with the ­legendary Freddie Wadling, and released six albums, of which the latest – Aska from 2020 – carries echoes of melancholy American harmon­icas, folk pop and The Cure-esque post punk.


Namna consists of two musicians known for their curious exploration of the borderland between jazz, folk and improvisational music. Harpist Stina Hellberg Agback has previously collaborated with Laleh, El Perro Del Mar and many others. Leo Svensson Sander, who plays cello and keyboard, has performed with The Tiny, Matti Bye Ensemble, Skogen and Fire! Orchestra. As Namna, they make music with elements from improvisation, ambient minimalism and classical chamber music. Their self-titled debut album consists of ten (almost) instrumental fantasy worlds, stripped-down compositions as calm as a pond in a summer forest. Harp improvisations sparkle while the cello casts a dark shadow towards the fluttering synth horizon. Like the fleeting memory of a dream, it sounds familiar and completely new at the same time.

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