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Thaiboy Digital (New Date)

Oceanen present: Thaiboy Digital

Thaiboy Digital

Thaiboy Digital has come a long way since the release of his critically acclaimed yet sonically rudimentary mixtape “ส Tiger” in 2014; via releasing the eurotrance/trap hybrid EP “S.O.S” and Bladee collaborative album “AvP” in 2016 he emerged as a fully fledged artist though his late 2019 full-length “Legendary Member”, inviting each and everybody in on a feverish, blissful ride showcasing iridescent fragments of rap musics future.

Running high on subdued feelings of ecstasy, triumph and glowing hopes of achieving something spectacular, Thaiboy Digital´s musical output is perhaps best described as compact pieces of work, pastel coloured and glossy at a glance, gritty and melancholic upon closer inspection - fragile melodies and tones on the verge of decay paired with oversaturated basslines and vocals shifting through hypersensitive singing and liquid, cocky raps, his articulation swaying between tender pillow talk and careless semi-threats.

Fresh off a an intense tour of Australia and New Zealand, Thaiboy Digital is now ready to bring his highly energised and intimate live show to Europe.


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