• Thursday 01 October
  • 20 years old
  • 180 sek

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sir Was (New Date)

Oceanen presents: sir Was

sir Was

Gothenburg born multi-instrumentalist sir Was, short for Joel Wätsberg, is truly a unique sound maker. Wätsberg creates sound around loose electronics with arrangements and dashes of his experiences as a jazz saxophonist.

Before releasing the debut album, Digging A Tunnel (2017- City Slang), a heady mix of pop hip hop, soul and downtempo electronica, sir Was worked as a session musician, touring with Junip and as part of Jose González's solo band.

Out now:  "Holding On To A Dream" released September 20 on Memphis Industries.

"Holding on To a Dream”, is a mesmerising twisting of genres - from classic soul and old-school hip-hop, to beautifully fresh pop structures. The new record is dense with ideas and adventurous, a sonic-leap forth. Having a lusher sound, sounding richer than ever. A heartfelt accounting of relationships, of knowing when to let go and when to fight for them.


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