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Selvhenter (DK) + DJINN (Gbg) / Nordic Sessions

Koloni + Oceanen presents: Selvhenter (DK)+ DJINN (Gbg) / Nordic Sessions

Under the name Nordic Sessions, Oceanen presents concerts with interesting acts from our Nordic neighboring countries

Selvhenter (DK) 

They're back! After a break of more than two years, dozens of new creative projects and one baby, Selvhenter is bursting of energy and music again.

Without compromise, boundlessly mixing experimental rock, improvised free jazz and aggressive punk, this Danish quintet shows that free-form music can hold so much more than pure improvisation. The group's debut was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize, and the record brought the group out on the European rock and experimental scene. The music is a blend of rock, noise, drone music and raw energy.

The four members of the band are Maria Bertel (trombone), Sonja LaBianca (saxophone), Jaleh Negari (drums) and Anja Jacobsen (drums); all well-known musicians in Copenhagen's experimental music scene and active in bands, performance groups and solo projects such as Meshes , Ymers Pizza, Frk. Jacobsen, Gud Er Kvinde, Valby Vokalgruppe, SOLW, Jaleh Negari och Sonja Labianca.

In 2010, the members of Selvhenter founded the art collective and the record company Eget Værelse (A Room of One's Own) –a platform for the projects they create together or individually, see: www.egetvaerelse.dk



A new freejazz/psych duo from Gothenburg!



This show is presented in collaboration with PULS network - https://www.facebook.com/pulsnordiclivemusic

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