• Måndag 18 November
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Koloni: Tallawit Timbouctou + Arrington de Dionyso

Oceanen och Koloni presenterar: Tallawit Timbouctou (Mali)+ Arrington de Dionyso (US)

Dj´s: Christopher Kirkley ( Sahel Sounds.)

Entré 140 kr (100 kr student)

Tallawit Timbouctou (Mali, Sahel Sounds)

Tallawit Timbouctou play takamba music, a traditional music from Northern Mali that's been given the electric treatment. Played on four stringed lute, passed through blown out amplifiers and rhythm pounded out on an overturned calabash, the combined effect is hypnotic, confusing, and trance inducing.



Arrington de Dionyso (US)
An uncompromising voice in contemporary music, Arrington de Dionyso (b. 1975 Chicago USA) integrates ancient soundmaking techniques with trans-modernist inquiries into the nature of consciousness. His propulsive improvisations utilize kargyraa voice combined with reed instruments (primarily bass clarinet, saxophone, and his invention the Bromiophone) as multiphonic tools in the navigation of liminal spaces between shamanic seance and rock and roll ecstasy.


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